GSK Vietnam signs a strategic partnership with EPLUS Research23/07/2023

On 3 July 2023, GSK Vietnam signed an MoU for a strategic partnership with the company EPLUS Research JSC to bring new medicines and vaccines to Vietnam and help people access the world's innovative healthcare solutions.

EPLUS Research (EPLUS) is a pioneering company in the field of ancillary services for the healthcare industry, including import, distribution, cold storage and supply chain management for vaccines delivery to its strategic partners, including VNVC.

VNVC (Vietnam Vaccines JSC) is the largest vaccination network in Vietnam, with 114 vaccination centres throughout the country.

The strategic partnership between EPLUS and GSK Vietnam will enable Vietnam to benefit from new and rare vaccines in large quantities for immunisation, thereby increasing the vaccination rate, particularly in at-risk groups such as pregnant women, the elderly, and people with underlying pathologies (diabetes, renal insufficiency, hypertension, coronary heart disease, hepatitis, asthma, osteoarthritis, etc.).

To achieve the goal of immunisations for every member of a Vietnamese family throughout the course of their lives, the two sides will make a concerted effort to develop a sustainable and continuous supply of vaccines.

The signing ceremony was witnessed by Luis Arosemena, senior vice president for emerging markets at GSK, and Jean-Pierre Muller, commercial counsellor at the Belgian embassy and head of the Awex office in Ho Chi Minh City.

Mr. Muller was invited to deliver the inspirational speech at the ceremony. “We support new initiatives and cooperation towards the common goal of better healthcare for everyone. Belgium is one of the world's largest vaccine research and manufacturing centres, and we are proud that Vietnamese people will have access to innovative vaccines from our country.” Vaccination is one of mankind's greatest achievements, the positive effects of life-course immunisation on communities have already been demonstrated in many countries around the world,” he said.

GSK Belgium is the GSK Group’s centre of excellence for vaccine R&D, manufacturing and commercialisation. It plays a major role in the Belgian pharma ecosystem. It is also the biggest private employer in the Wallonia Region of Belgium, with more than 8000 employees. The vast majority of vaccines imported by GSK into Vietnam are developed and manufactured in Wallonia.