COVID-19 - The Walloon technologies to the rescue28/02/2020

On Wednesday February 26, an important meeting was held at the “Health Environment Management Agency “(HEMA) of the Vietnam Ministry of Health. TheMons based company AMB Ecosteryl, represented by Belgapro, AMB’s agent in Vietnam, had the opportunity to introduce a solution which could be quickly implemented to provide the efficient sterilization of hazardous hospital waste while respecting the environment. In a critical epidemiological context, the solution of AMB Ecosteryl has been designed to minimize the risk of diffusion of infectious vectors from hospitals or from quarantine centers. AMB Ecosteryl facilities are easy to install: no need for gas or steam, the micro waves heating system only requires an electrical power supply. Moreover, AMB Ecosteryl lines can easily be moved according to the needs. The AMB Ecosteryl technology is already being used successfully in some fifty countries, including in Asia.